What is ProPlay? How does it differ from the regular matches?

ProPlay is a special game mode that aims at making fights as fair as possible. Skill is all that matters in ProPlay battles as all the equipment gets equalized.
This mode is in Beta now, and we'll keep tweaking and improving it all the time according to the statistics and players' feedback.
Here are the main features of ProPlay:
1. The mode is available in Private fights only: it won't affect your statistics, quests, experience or gunbucks.
When creating a private match, the leader should enable ProPlay mode and spread players among the teams. ProPlay supports all standard game modes and all private maps.
2. All equipment is equalized as if it had level 22, i.e.:
- Guns of higher levels receive reduced characteristics compared to that of level 22.
- Maximum armor points that Jacket can have is set to 1800.
- Maximum health points are set to 2000.
- Auto-aiming is disabled.
Characteristics are changed for ProPlay fights only. There's no effect on your equipment in general.

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