What are alliances?

Here are useful tips on alliances for you:

What is an alliance for?
Alliance helps to compete with other players to get costly prizes and best planes in the game as rewards. 

How do alliances work?
Players join together and try to transport as many passengers as possible during one week. Upon summarizing the results, members of the most active alliances get valuable prizes and an opportunity to receive one of the most high-speed planes! Besides, alliances help to increase the in-game level.

How to create an alliance?
In order to create your own alliance, you will need Airline Alliance HQ that is available in the game Store in the Airport Buildings tab. When the construction is ready, you can establish an alliance:
1. Press the Sociality button with three people in the lower menu of the game.
2. Then tap on the button with a uniform cap to open the Alliances menu.
3. Use the Create an alliance option.
4. Choose your alliance's title and badge.
5. Complete the procedure by pressing the Create an alliance button.

How to manage my alliance?
You can lead your alliance with the help of its menu. To open it, press the Sociality button and then tap on the one with a uniform cap:
1. The Alliance tab of the menu shows your alliance reputation, rank last week, amount of members and passengers carried during the current week.
2. The My Requests tab helps you to invite your neighbors to join your alliance and check requests to become its member. The amount of participants depends on your alliance's level: on the 1st level it can consist of 4 members, but the number will grow as your team evolves. The maximum amount of an alliance members is 12.
3. The Manage tab stands by to govern your alliance. Here you can see its members and assemble your team.

How to join an alliance?
You can do that with the help of the Alliances menu: press the Sociality button and then tap on the one with a uniform cap. Then choose the Join an alliance option:
1. You will see a list of alliances you can join that is formed randomly. Choose a team and send a request to become its member. 
2. To join a definite alliance, choose the Find an alliance tab, input its title and send a request.   

How do I transport passengers?
You can transport them in any flight that is available for you. All of them will be counted during the competition.

How do the ratings work?
Ratings are formed according to the number of passengers transferred. The more passengers were transported by an alliance members in a race, the higher is the place in this flight rating.

How do I earn reputation points?
You earn reputation points as a reward for completion of weekly alliance tasks. The higher the completion rate is, the bigger the reward that you get. No reputation points are given for the participation in the alliance ratings.

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