1) Match 4 or more fruits of the same color in a row to create a Horizontal Bomb. After swiping or clicking/tapping on this bomb, it'll clear up the horizontal line.
2) Vertical Bombs are created by matching 4 or more fruits of the same colour in a column. After clicking/tapping or swiping this one, it'll clear fruit in a vertical line.
3) Diagonal bomb is a bit trickier. To get it, you'll need to match 5 fruits in a T-shape. This bomb will clear fruit along the diagonals.
4) To get Coin, you'll need to gather four fruits in a 2 x 2 square. Coin clears one cell in the vertical direction and one in horizontal.
5) The Mask is the hardest power-up to create. You'll have to match 6 or more fruits to get it. But once you do, if you combine the Mask with another power-up, you'll be pleasantly surprised!
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