I've got some unknown neighbours in my game that are not my friends on Facebook. Who are they?

They are server friends. Server friends represent 5 random people from the whole family of the Tribez players and have much in common with your Facebook friends. You can visit each of them, gather resources and exchange gifts with them! Server friends are always there for you in the competitions in case you didn't link your game to your Facebook account. However, they are unavailable if the game is connected to Facebook, so your real friends can have fun helping you with the competitions.

Server friends have their own peculiarities:
1) Such people can be neither added nor deleted. However, you can change them whenever you want using the corresponding button upon tapping on them. This change is a most effective thing, as it can help you complete quests for adding friends!
2) Server friends cannot help you in restoring plants on the Farmer's Bay island as such an important task can be entrusted to your real friends only.
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