How can I complete Adventure Flights?

Adventures are a special kind of flights that can bring you useful bonuses. In the first place you will need Excavation Maps that can be bought at Duke Croocker's store. Each of these maps allows you to perform one flight to the definite Excavations. You can find the maps you currently have in the Other section of the Warehouse.
Such travels can bring you chests with a different kind of maps: flight maps. These maps allow you to fly to the definite city as much as you want during a set timeframe. They are stored in the Flight Maps section of the Warehouse and can be used from there. You can also buy them at Duke Croocker's store.
You can get flight maps to 5 different directions belonging to one and the same group from a certain Exacavation flight. Travelling to these locations yields specific collection items for adventure collections. Finishing one and the same collection six times will give you a unique building.
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