How can I add friends?

You can do that with the help of the Friends menu. To open it, tap on the Friends button on the right-side panel of the game window:
1. The Add friends tab allows you to choose friends from the list of random players. This list is fully updated in a certain time period, while you can refresh it instantly for diamonds. The Make friends option will help you to send an invitation to the chosen player.
2. The Pending tab shows your outgoing requests to make friends with other players. When they accept your invitations, you become friends in the game.
3. The Friends tab shows the list of your current friends.
4. If you want to add a certain player, use the Invite friends! option in the Services tab: press Enter and input your friend's code that you can find on this player's Facebook or Twitter account.
Besides, you can invite your friends to the game: press Invite next to Invitation code to see your code you can share on Facebook or Twitter using the options in the window. Three friends can use your code to become your friends in Mystery Manor.
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