How can I continue playing the game on another mobile device or on Facebook?

You can restore your in-game progress or get it transferred to another mobile device.

To continue playing on Facebook:
1. Link the game on mobile device to your Facebook account.  
2. Start the game on your account in the social network and the game progress from your mobile device will be carried there.
After linking the game on mobile device to your Facebook account, you will be playing one and the same game both on mobile device and in the social network. When you launch the app on either account, you will automatically get the highest progress available on them.

To get the game progress restored on another Android device or iPad/iPhone:
1. Link the game on your сcurrent and new devices to one and the same Facebook account and the game progress will transfer there. In case it doesn't, reinstall the app on your new device and then link the game to Facebook account again.
2. Games on Android devices also can be linked with the help of the same account in the Play Games app. Games on iPad/iPhone - by the same account in Apple Game Center.

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