Magical hint

During your glorious journey, and while helping local dwellers, you may need hints, which are special magical instruments.
The magic of dragons is hidden inside the magical hints; that’s why they are so valued among dwellers of magical world. Hints can help you find required items faster when you explore locations.
Magical hints:
Fire ball. The Fire ball will show you the location of an item you are looking for;
Torch. The flame of a Torch can illuminate the objects around;
Magnifying Glass. The magical magnifying glass will highlight items you are looking for as you drag it around;
Candle. The Candle widens the circle of light in Night mode for 30 seconds;
Magic Candle. The Magic candle widens the circle of light in Night mode for 60 seconds;
Dragongaze. The Dragongaze will show you the location of up to 5 items you are looking for;
Lightning Bolt. Activate the Lightning bolt while searching, and in addition to the items you find afterwards, a chain charge will strike up to 5 items at once;
Chemical compound. Use the Chemical compound, and the closer the items will be to the bottle, the stronger reaction will you see inside it;
Eye of Argus. The Eye of Argus lights up the location for 30 seconds in Night mode;
Chronarium. The mechanical Chronarium stops time for 40 seconds during the exploration of a location;
Bomb. Use the Bomb to find and detonate up to 6 items.
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