What are group quests in a union?

Group quests are intended for all union members. Completing them is not easy because they are designed as a challenge for the union as a whole, but the rewards are totally worth it.
Each group quest requires unions to accomplish a certain objective in a limited amount of time. You can see what the objective is in the name of the quest, in the notes under the progress bar, or by pressing the quest icon and reading the full info.
For completing a group quest, the union and its members receive points, which depends on the contribution each player made. If the union manages to complete the quest in time, a special reward awaits all players.
If the quest is completed in time, the union and its members receive a reward. The members receive points not only for completing the whole quest, but also for all the events they held. The amount of reward points can be found in the footnotes of the quest.
Some quests also provide a quick access button that allows players to instantly find the quest’s objective.
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