What quests can I get in Jay's Tent?

The quests you are given in Jay’s Tent are separated into three groups:
Jay may ask you to collect profit or repair some building. With each quest, you’ll get the building’s name separately. Complete the quest and your profit from all the buildings of this type will be increased.
2. Tourists.
Jay is sure that tourists are willing to pay more if they are content. That is why he will ask you to help your tourists wandering across the Island from time to time. Give them your services and you’ll be able to increase the profit from your buildings. Jay will tell you which buildings will become more profitable when the quest is completed.
3. Events.
Jay has a fine appreciation of the tourists’ mood and he knows for sure what events they want to take part in. This gifted economist can suggest what events you should start in your hotels. If you complete a quest of this type for a certain hotel, all the events there will bring you more profit.
Sometimes tourists are attracted by a hotel itself and not by the events that are held there. In this case, you need to have as many events in a certain hotel as you can. It doesn’t mean that events should take place non-stop; you can easily take a break between parties. However, the quest will be completed only after the total time of your events in the hotel reaches a certain point.
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