How do I add friends?

Your friends on Facebook who also play Paradise Island 2 automatically become your friends in the game.
You can also invite your friends to play together:
1. Click on the Friends button at the bottom of the game window.
2. Use the button with Facebook logo and "+" symbol.
3. You will see the list of your Facebook friends. Choose the ones you want to entertain to the game and use the Invite! option.
You can also add any of the Paradise Island 2 players as a friend. Find Friends option gives you a list of settings (name, country, location) to search for the people you need. The green person button allows to follow the player adding him in the Friends menu and letting you help him on the island.  However only when he starts following you, sending gifts will become available.
Play Paradise Island 2 with your friends! It's more fun that way!

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