How can I change the union I'm in?

You can be part of only one union at a time. You are assigned to your first union automatically. There’s a way to switch from one union to another, however. Open the main union window by selecting the Island on the map, and press the button with the gear icon. In the following menu, press the Change Union button. A window will appear where you can select one of the suggested communities, join a random union, or search for a union by its name.
When you choose the union you like, press the button with the crown icon and go to the union-viewing window. The green Join Now button means that you can join the selected union right away.
In order to join some unions, you need to have reached a certain level, which will be shown by the level icon on the button.
There are also private unions to choose from. You can become a member of one of these unions only after the union leader approves your request. Sending a request is easy, all you have to do is press the button at the bottom of the screen.
You can send only one request at a time. While your request is active, you cannot join other unions. If you want to cancel your request, open the union window and press the Cancel Request button.
Keep in mind that when you change unions, all the points you have gained will stay with the previous union and will not transfer with you to the new one. Also, if you forgot to collect the reward for a completed quest before leaving, it too will stay in the previous union.
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