How do I find new friends?

Open your friends panel and press the button with the magnifying glass icon. You’ll see the friend search window. Use additional filters to decide where your next friend will be from and whether it will be a guy or a girl.
There is also a list of recommended players in this window, which is updated daily. You can follow any of these Island owners simply by pressing the green button with a person’s silhouette next to their name.
There’s one more way to add a friend too. Go to a player’s Island and press the green button with a person’s silhouette at the top of the screen. After that you’ll become a follower. This means that the selected player will show up on your friends list, but you’ll be unable to send them gifts until they follow you in return. You can stop following a player at any given time. Just press the button with a person’s silhouette again. You can also start or stop following players in their stats window.
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