I am having issues with adding friends via Facebook in the game. What can I do about that?

If you сome across any difficulties when adding your friends as neighbors in the game, try to change the Facebook application settings. To do that, please follow these instructions: 
1. Open the Facebook application on your mobile device.
2. Go to the Menu → choose Settings among the options listed at the left side → then press Apps.
3. Go to the Logged in with Facebook section.
4. Choose The Tribez & Castlez application.
5. The Info You Provide section should include the Friend List entry. If it does not, tap on the Remove App button and confirm your choice.
6. Launch the game and press the Add Allies button. 
7. The game will offer you to log in via Facebook. If the offer does not appear, please reboot the game.
8. Сhoose the Edit the Info You Provide option in the window specifying the information The Tribez & Castlez application will receive access to.
9. Make sure the application has access to your Friend List and then press OK.
10. Reboot the game and add your friends via Facebook!
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