What are Tournaments?

Chiefs, starting from update 4.0, you can earn some additional gems in The Tribez by taking part in tournaments! Want to learn more? Then read this guide! 

It all starts with the construction of a grand Tournament Palace. When it is complete, several contests will become available to you: the Competition Participants Tournament, the Pets Tournament, the Flowers Tournament and the Farmers Tournament! Once a week one of the tournaments will be announced and it will last for several days. Collect as many medals as possible and reach the top of the tournament ratings to get gems!

Here are some useful tips on different kinds of Tournaments for you:
1. Competition Participants Tournament.
In this competition you will earn medals for every activity you perform in any competition!  Take part in it and receive medals for:
- starting a new competition;
- using different competition items;
- using the Trumpets of Victory;
- building competition themed decorations.
And that’s not all! There are other ways to receive medals too! Figure them out on your own and beat your opponents in the tournament ratings!
2. Pets Tournament.
You will earn medals for interacting with pets and using the Pet Shop! Medals can be received for:
- fulfilling your pets’ wishes;
- ordering contracts at the Pet Shop;
- building pet themed decorations.
3. Flowers Tournament.
While taking part in it you will earn medals for every activity relating to the Miraculous Bloom! Receive medals for:
- helping flowers;
- activating collections.
Don’t forget there are other actions and activities that will reward you with medals too!
4. Farmers Tournament.
During this tournament you will earn medals for every activity done at the special Farmers Bay buildings! Play and receive medals for:
- ordering contracts in Farmers Bay buildings;
- planting trees;
- sending Ancient Mammoth on walks.

Good luck, Chiefs!
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