How can I add neighbors in the game?

According to the game rules, you can add as neighbors only those players who use the application on the same mobile platform devices as your's. To do that, perform the following activities:
1. To add a definite friend, who also plays the game on the same platform device, open the Neighbors menu (press the button with three people in the bottom menu of the game, then - the same button in the appearing list)  →  go to the Profile tab  → input the name of the friend you want to add in the field  → press Add.
2. In case your game is linked to your Facebook account, you can invite your friends from there to the game. To add as neighbors your friends from Facebook, which also play the game on the same platform devices, open the Neighbors menu, then - the Add tab and use the Invite option. In case the game is not linked to your Facebook account, in this tab you will see a list of players whom you can also invite to become neighbors. It is formed randomly and refreshes once a day. You can do it instantly for banknotes.
You can check the current invitations to become neighbors in the Requests tab and the list of added friends - in the Neighbors tab.
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