How do I purchase a game through Steam?

Steam supports many popular payment methods. You can see the full list of accepted payment methods here. To make a purchase through Steam:
  1. Visit or launch the Steam client on your PC and visit the Store tab 
  2. Use the Search feature to find a game by its title, or use the links along the left-hand side of the Steam Store to find a game, video, or demo by its genre, type, or publisher
  3. Add item(s) to your shopping cart
  4. When you are finished adding games to your cart, proceed to your cart by clicking the green link in the upper right hand corner. To checkout select either "Purchase for myself" or "Purchase as a gift." Gifts are sent immediately to the recipient. Instructions on sending a gift at a later date can be found here.
  5. Log in to your Steam account or select "Join Steam" to create your free account online
  6. Continue through the checkout process to complete your transaction on Steam
  7. When your transaction is complete you will have immediate access to your games. Launch the Steam client and go to your Library to begin your download.
Source of the information and additional details can be found here.
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