What it the game’s plot?

Mountains and forests surround the majestic city of Hadrion. How many secrets and mysteries are hidden in its dungeons? Mighty allies and secretive enemies, ancient artifacts and incantations… Are you ready to take the road of adventure and uncover all the secrets of Hadrion? 
An impregnable wall divides Hadrion into the Upper and the Lower Cities. The beautiful Upper City is home to the rich, the aristocracy, merchants and the cultist acolytes. These people have little patience with the inhabitants of the Lower City, where drifters, rogues, craftsmen and other vulgar people live. Yet, the Lower City has its elite as well: the Fraternity of Shadows, which welcomes the greatest thieves, assassins and conmen in Hadrion with open arms. Their secret knowledge, shared only by those in the Fraternity, can open any door in the city.
The time has come for you to enter the path of Shadows and see the shadow world with your own eyes!
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