What are the attributes of the character profile?

The attributes of your character's profile are represented with the following parameters and resources:
1. Experience – you receive points of experience (POE) for every quest you complete. When you get a certain number of POE, you get a new level. With each level, your energy and health points are restored; besides, you get bonus rubies, access to new locations, equipment and feats.
Coins – you may get coins for a successfully completed quest, gather them during a quest or buy them in the bank. Coins are needed to buy new equipment or upgrades to the existing one, to obtain keys to new locations and so on.
Rubies – you will need rubies if you want to buy unique items at the game shop. You get fifteen rubies with each new level. The game bank gives you an opportunity to buy as many rubies as you wish.
Health – when you encounter obstacles or enemies in course of your missions, you lose health points. Different obstacles may cause different damage. Your character dies when his health depletes. You can resurrect him by using some of your energy.
Energy is restored over time or when you get a new level. You can also buy energy at the game shop. Health is fully restored when you start a new mission. You can also find some health during your missions: for example, inside the barrels.
Defense – this characteristic depends on your equipment. The higher is your defense, the less damage does the character get when encountering obstacles or enemies.
Mana is necessary if you want to use Shadow abilities or get access to the certain locations. You can collect mana while completing the quests; to do so, you should use Mana Regeneration ability. You can replenish your mana reserves if you buy mana elixir at the game shop.
Rage is necessary to use Gauntlet Abilities. The rage level grows while killing the enemies or using the Rage Restoration ability. You can also fully restore rage by using the Gauntlet Charge boost.
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