How do I launch a rocket?

In order to launch a spaceship please follow these instructions:
1. Tap the Launch Pad. A Launch Preparation window will pop up. On this stage you are required to assemble special collections. You can find these items from flights to Cape Canaveral and Baikonur, or by visiting space buildings of your neighbours.
2. As soon as the collections are assembled, tap Complete. A Space Program window will pop up. If any of your friends has an ongoing space program, you will see their avatars in the Space Program window. You can join one of your friends. In order to do this please tap his avatar, then tap Join. If there are no neighbours with space programs active, you can start your own program and then invite one of your friends to join you.
3. Tap Start a new one. A Spaceship Launch window will pop up. Here you can see the resources required to launch your spaceship. You should buy them for coins or Airport Cash until the bar at the left edge of the Spaceship Launch window is full. Please keep in mind that the higher is the price of the item the more resources you get. To make the process faster, you can invite your friends to join and help you: tap Add a friend at the bottom of the Spaceship Launch window. You have 24 hours to collect the items!
4. When you tap a button to buy resources you can see that a counter starts. It indicates the time required to get this type of a resource. Buy them until you get the Congratulations window. Here please tap Start! Now your ship is out to the space!
5. In 24 hours the spaceship returns. Find the lander somewhere around your airport and collect the reward.
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