Who are the opponents and inhabitants?

You will meet a lot of different creatures in locations. Some of them are harmless and friendly. You can get from them lots of useful items in exchange for some special items, which you can purchase in the Store, find while exploring places or get as a reward.
Opponents are aggressive inhabitants of locations. You will need special items to banish them. Some opponents can also rob you of some energy when they disappear. Many opponents share a same place on a location with other creatures, and in order to get access to them, you'll first have to banish this opponent. For example, you have a task to banish a crow, but there is already a crab in the place where the crow should appear. In this case, you need to banish the crab to get access to the crow.
Each creature can appear on a location with a certain probability, so don’t despair if your first attempt to get access to the creature you need fails. An arrow pointer will always direct you to a place, where you may find an opponent or an inhabitant you need.

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