What exploring modes are there in the game?

There are the following exploring modes in the game:
1. Items.
In this mode you will search for the items while looking at their images. Even a baby could do it but that task is yours to complete.
2. Clarity.
You will look for the items having only their names. It’s quite easy if you know what do "vajra", "curling iron", and other strange words mean. Get a dictionary and don’t despair: it’s much easier than finding the meaning in life!
3. Outlines.
You will look for the items having only their outlines. It’s not that difficult if you use your logic and not imagination. If you complete this task, you can easily turn down your friend’s invitation to visit a shadow theatre - you’ve already seen it all!
4. Blindness.
You will look for the items in complete darkness. You may have a panic attack while exploring the surrounding area by touching. If you are lucky, you may fumble something pleasant and friendly and if you are not… Well, in that case we don't envy you. Try to stay calm and keep all four of your limbs intact.
5. Reflection.
You will try to find differences between two almost identical pictures. This process is much more fun than comparing your other half with a famous movie star! And much more useful!
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