What does the tool-bar for exploring places include?

In order to make the process of exploring places an easy and pleasant task for you, we have added 12 tools to the game that will be a huge help for you. Some of them work only in certain modes. You can minimize the toolbar, so that only 6 tools are displayed on the screen. If you want to see other tools and use the one you need, just tap on the toolbar and slide it aside. If you want to use an item, press it as well. If a tool is not available in the current mode, a lock icon will appear on it. Here are the detailed descriptions of the tools:
1. Third Eye - a free tool you always have. It points to one of the items you look for and then becomes inactive for 30 seconds.
2. Nemo Sonar - illuminates 4 required items.
3. The Clockwork Beetle - points to where a required item is hidden.
4. Tesla Sphere - removes 5 required items.
5. Magnetic Seeker - points to a required item closest to itself. The tool works for 20 seconds.
6. Seeker's Staff - the closer it is to a required item, the brighter the light shines. It works for 10 seconds.
7. Silver Lens - illuminates a required item if it’s pointed at it. Works for 10 seconds.
8. Golden Lens - illuminates a required item if it’s pointed at it. Works for 30 seconds.
9. Light Grenade - cancels the Blindness mode for 30 seconds.
10. Magnet - attracts items that fall under its scope. Works for 5 seconds.
11. Time Snail - stops the timer for 30 seconds.
12. Eternal Lamp - cancels the Blindness mode completely.

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