What is a place? What does it's interface include?

It’s a part of a location or one of the things present on it. You explore a place to find hidden objects in different game modes. A place can be a specially prepared fragment of a location (like the Collector’s house) or, for example, a desk standing on the same location. Exploring a place begins with taking a picture of it.  All places have the same interface:
1. In the lower part of the screen there is a search bar that shows images of the items you need to find or just their shapes or names - depending on the mode. On the left there is an icon displaying the current mode, and on the right - a toolbar you can hide.
2. At the top of the screen you can see the following buttons: settings menu, screenshot and pause buttons. There is also the combos panel displaying a current level of a points multiplier (how many times the points you earn for finding a required object will increase), and a bar displaying the points you currently have. To the right from it a timer is located as you will have limited time to explore a place in most modes. To the right from the timer there is the exit button. Please, note that if you leave a place during an exploration, you will fail the task and get no reward.

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