What are the character's main characteristics?

Your character's characteristics are represented with the following parameters and resources:
1. Energy. 
You spend energy while exploring various places, using some of your abilities, and interacting with certain objects. One unit of energy restores for 2 minutes. You can restore a part or all your energy by buying food in the in-game Store.
2. Experience.
Exploring new places, winning mini-games, completing different tasks, defeating your opponents, and many other activities give you experience points. When you earn a certain amount of points you reach a new level. On each new level your energy is restored, you get prize crystals, unlock new places, goods, and abilities.
3. Coins.
You earn coins for exploring places, playing mini-games, fighting your opponents, and completing different tasks.
4. Crystals.
You need crystals to purchase unique items in the in-game Store. You get 5 crystals each time you reach a new level, and 1 crystal - for increasing your mastery level. You can also buy crystals in the game Bank or receive for completing certain tasks. 

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