What is the plot of the game?

An incredible event happens to you that snaps you out of the daily routine life and gives a chance to learn a lot about yourself and about the world around you! It all starts when you get a strange photo that shows a house you have never seen before, and a certain Collector asks you to help him to save the world. The picture pulls you in, and you find yourself in the Collector’s house. The owner mysteriously disappeared some time ago. You meet the Collector’s frightened adopted daughter, Ellie, who tells you that she has been warned about your arrival.
You learn that you possess a unique gift of instant travel - you only need to look at a picture of a place you want to get to and you momently transport there. But a usual photo won’t do: you need a picture taken by a special camera which Ellie gives you. She teaches you how to use it and asks to find her father.
Now you will go on a breathtaking journey through the most incredible places: you will get hold of the ancient artefacts - Mysteriors, awake your hidden powers that will allow you to do amazing things, and save the world - more than once.

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