What are characteristics of a spaceship, a crew, equipment and subsystems?

Besides the hit points and the module quantity, each spaceship has its own unique battle characteristics. Look through the information about your ship to find them.
Each crew member has an own profession which influences this member's efficiency. The higher a crew member’s level - the better acting in a battle.
Equipment defines your spaceship’s total efficiency in a battle. Each part of a ship’s equipment has its own characteristics:
1. Mission Computer is responsible for navigation, and for precise aiming of a spaceship guns.
2. Hyperdrive allows traveling between star systems, and is responsible for avoiding enemy's shots.
3. Shield Generator reduces battle damage.
4. Weapon Control allows equipping a spaceship with various weapons.
5. Reactor produces energy to keep modules going, and enhances their characteristics.
6. Boarding Bay allows you to board an enemy's ship.
Subsystems provide your ship with new abilities, or enhance the existing modules. You can open an information window of a subsystem to learn more.

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