Al Capone's Cryptex Mini-Games

Al Capone's Cryptex Mini-Games:
- Collect the Necklace - repair a broken necklace. Place all the stones one after the using a golden chain and then end the sequence by looping around to the stone with which you began.
- Wave of the 20s - tune in to the radio station you need. Press the Tune button when the arrow appears on the green sector of the dial.
- Personal Documents - reclaim the documents and plans that once belonged to Al Capone himself. Rotate the rings until they're in place and the drawing is matched up.
- Secret Code - figure out the code to the lock. Pressing the level above every window with a number will light up a lamp. If the lamp's red - the number's not in the code at all. If yellow - the number's right, but in the wrong spot. If green - the number's right and in the right spot. Use the dial to change the value in the windows. Numbers in said windows do not repeat.

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