Location mini-games

Location mini-games:
- Safecracking - build a closed electric circuit connected from start to finish to open the lock. Turn the elements of the circuit by pressing on them. As your mastery level progresses, the complexity of the circuit increases.
- Getaway - drive a car through city streets while keeping to the right path to lose your police tail! And make sure you don't get ambushed! At the start of the game, a few seconds are put aside to show you the proper path on the map, after which you must repeat it, pressing on required sectors one after another.
- Find the Forgery - find a pair of cards with the same image. You can look at the cards face-up at the start of the game and remember their positions. To successfully complete this mini-game, turn over the cards and find a matching pair. If you make a mistake and the images on the cards are different, the cards will return to a facedown position. As your mastery level progresses, you'll be expected to find not just a pair of identical cards, but larger numbers of them.
- Find a Partner in Crime - repair the torn up composite portrait of the person you need. Double-click to rotate the puzzle pieces and get them into the right position, then join them with the other pieces.

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