Tools in Rooms

You can use special tools to make difficult searches easier:
- Explorer - flies towards a hidden item and highlight it with a laserbeam;
- Vacuum Trap - instantaneously sucks up all items from the list;
- LED Flashlight - range of vision expanded for 30 seconds in Night mode and with the Ambush threat;
- Detector - highlights an item when you scroll over it;
- Xenon Flash - fully illuminates a room in Night mode and with the Ambush threat;
- EMP (electromagnetic pulse) - stops the timer in a room for 30 seconds.

You can buy tools at the game store, receive them as rewards when a character's quest is completed, or for trading in collections. In room entrance windows you can purchase extra tools by pressing the + button in the slot next to the desired tool. The timer will stop for this action.

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