Threats - special search modes which appear in rooms via random selection. Each threat increases the energy required for searching the rooms, as well as the reward. You can search the room with the threat and, in the event of a successful search, will receive extra bonuses as a reward. You can also eliminate the threats with special items that can be purchased at the store to avoid spending energy superfluously.
At the moment there are several types of threats:
- Haste - time allocated for the search goes by twice as fast;
- Code - the names of items are scrambled;
- Smoke Screen - the room gradually fills with smoke, making it difficult to see and therefore to find items. You can disperse the smoke via touch;
- Retinal Scanner - You must search the mirror image of a familiar room for items;
- Outdated Files - fragments of an image of the room are scrambled randomly. They must be put in the correct spots;
- Ambush - The room is very dim, and a projector's spotlight wanders about;
- Laser Alarm - If you're caught by a moving laserbeam, you receive a 5 second penalty.

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