How to take a screenshot on original Kindle Fire?

If you have an original Kindle Fire (if it was purchased in late 2011 through late summer 2012) the steps of the process of capturing a screenshot are the following:
1. Install the Android SDK on your computer. 
2. Make sure you have the Kindle Fire USB driver installed (Amazon instructions). 
3. Plug in your Kindle Fire to your computer via USB. 
4. Go to your Android tools directory (should be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk-windows\tools) and then scroll down until you see a file labeled "ddms" and double click on it.  A window will pop up and then you should see the Dalvik Debug Monitor. Your device should be listed under name so click on it. 
5. Now choose Device and Screen capture from the top menu in Dalvik.  A window will pop up showing your Kindle Fire screen and you can hit Save to capture a screenshot. You'll need to hit Refresh to update for a new screenshot. You'll be prompted to save it at a location on your computer. Choose a spot.

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