How do I add friends?

There are several ways to invite a friend in the game (the icon with three people on the right side of the screen). You can add random players using the "Random selection" tab.Choose a player you want to become a friend with and tap "Invite". As soon as the invitation is confirmed, you will find this player in the "Neighbours" tab. Until then, the invitation you have sent will be shown in the "Awaiting confirmation" tab, as well as incoming requests. You also can invite a particular friend, using Invitation code. To do it, open the "Services" tab and redeem the code in the relative field. You can find your Invitation code there as well. If your game is synchronized with Facebook, you can add your Facebook friends who also play the game. They will be shown in the "Awaiting confirmation" tab. Tap "Invite" and as soon as they confirm your invitations, you will find them in your the "Neighbours" tab.
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