I ran out of money! What should I do?

Earning money is as simple as investing in business and industry, then collecting the revenue. You can get more game dollars when you: 1. Collect your daily bonus. 
2. Get a bonus for your first daily visit to your neighbors.
3. Sponsor your neighbor's buildings.
4. Complete new tasks.
5. Buy game dollars.
You can always get more money by clicking on the Payments tab at the top of the screen. Buying money also allow you to develop your country in the following ways:
1. Immediately hire professionals, who are essential to begin construction on many buildings. Just go to the Professional menu.
2. Instantly complete construction phases and building upgrades.
3. Purchase special decorations, which will benefit surrounding area much more than regular decorations.
4. Add new, exclusive friends from the list of World Leaders, who can then help you out every day.
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