Room Tools

You have access to special tools that can make completing difficult rooms much easier:
1. Spirit's Mercy: shows the location of an object in a room. A free tool which gets replenished over time.
2. Wolf's Eye: shows the location of an object in a room.
3. Lightning Sphere: destroys 5 objects from the list, or 4 objects in Twilight Mode.
4. Mage's Scepter: highlights objects when mousing over them for 30 seconds.
5. Pocket Chronometer: extends the time you can spend in a room by 30 seconds.
6. Enlightenment: switches the mode in a room to Daylight. Note that the light used to enter the room is not refunded.
You can purchase tools in the game Store, earn them for completing characters' quests or by charging collections. You can also purchase any tools you might need while exploring a room.
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