Quests, Chronicles and Collection Items

Every room is inhabited by a character who will ask you to complete certain quests for them. These quests include exploring certain rooms for specific items, gathering collections and so on. Sometimes quests share a common thread and form a Chronicle. You are allowed to be in only one Chronicle at any given time, but you can always pause it and return to any previous Chronicle or simply travel around the Castle. Completing a Chronicle will always yield a particular reward. Upon completing a quest, the quest giver may keep the items that catch their eye; in this case, you will be notified in a separate window. Collections are special sets of five items that drop while you complete quests or explore rooms. You can charge a completed collection on the collection screen (tap the open chest icon) and get the bonus specified in the brackets next to the collection's name. Every time you charge a collection, all the items comprising it are removed from inventory (one copy of each item), in addition to special accessories. These accessories can be obtained by exploring rooms, defeating enemies, trading with Guardgoyles, receiving them as gifts from friends or purchasing them in the game Store.
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