How to tame animals?

The first thing in the anilmal taming craft is net. The better one you have, the higher your chances to catch the beast are. There are three kinds of nets in the game: 
1. Simple net - gives you low chance of success. Not the best choice for a great tamer. 
2. Steel net - good and useful item. The chances are as high for you to catch a beast as for it to escape. 
3. Spider net - The best net for taming ever. A rare beast could escape the hunter with this item. 
All nets could be found during your adventures or in the shop (Crafting and Misc tab). Equip yourself with the nets and go hunting. Attack the beast and when it becomes weak enough the blue sign with net will appear at the bottom of the screen. You should be rather quick and nimble to tap it in time. And in case of success the animal will serve you faithfully (you can find it in your Army tab). Note that each net can be used only once, no matter whether you succeed or not.
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