Q: How do I start a combat with a Monster?
A: You can attack a monster by clicking it and selecting "Attack" or by simply double-clicking the Monster. But please note the Monster level: you could lose a fight by taking on an enemy of a level higher than yours.

Q: What are Stances?
A: Three buttons located in the lower part of the Combat screen allow you to choose out of the three types of physical attacks, each of them with its own properties. These buttons represent the Combat Stances: Defense, Attack and Mana Stance.

Q: What are Consumables and how do I use them?
A: Elixirs, Orbs and Glyphs are Consumables that help your Character survive a combat. Elixirs and Glyphs can be added to your Character`s Belt, whose slots are located under the location screen to the left. Capacity of the Belt is limited, each of the items placed in the Belt has an amount of space that it takes (hover your mouse over the item to view the amount). You can add items to the Belt by clicking the "to belt" button on an item`s image. Unlike Elixirs and Glyphs, Orbs are added to the Quick-Access Panel rather than the Belt.

Q: What are Orbs for?
A: Orbs are magical artifacts that increase the effectiveness of your attacks or reduce the effectiveness of enemy attacks. Orbs can be used straight from the Backpack or from the Quick-Access Panel. You can add an item to one of the Quick-Access Slots by hovering your mouse over that item and clicking the "panel" button.

Q: How do I heal one of my team mates in combat?
A: Choose the player from a list of Allies on the left and use a Glyph of Life from your Belt.

Q: What happens if I lose a battle and die?
A: After a lost combat, your Character is automatically resurrected. If you were defeated by a Monster (PvE), you will be revived on the same location where it happened. In case if you lose a combat to another player (PvP), you will be resurrected on your Empire`s main square.

Q: What are Elite Monsters? Why should I fight them?
A: Elite Monsters can be distinguished by a red circle and an ornate portrait. These creatures posses a substantially larger amount of Health Points than their common counterparts and are best fought with a group of allies. The warrior who deals the most damage to an Elite Monster is may receive a valuable trophy.

Q: What does the Battlegrounds button in the left menu do?
A: Battlegrounds are group battles between players. Different types of Battlegrounds exist: Arena of Honor, Tournament of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, King of the Hill, and Sea Battles. Participate in Battlegrounds to receive Experience, Valor and other rewards that depend on the type of Battleground.

Q: How do I attack other players?
A: You can attack other players by using Bonecrusher Spheres, available at level 4. To attack a player, open the Character interaction menu by left-clicking a player`s nickname in the "Near" tab of the chat or clicking it in the main chat screen and holding the mouse button. Choose "Attack" in the window that pops up, purchase a Bonecrusher Sphere, and use it to start the combat.
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