How can I find and save the log readings if the application freezes?

Logs play an important part in the troubleshooting process and help us to eliminate the game issues faster.
In case the application freezes or there is a window showing negative experience points, logs should be taken at this very moment when the problem occurs (for example, when there is an error message on the screen of the loading wheel is spinning).
To get the necessary logs and to send them to us, please follow the instructions:
1. Click on the loading bar (the game window) with the left mouse button.
2. Press the combination of keys Shift + L.
3. You will see the logs against the white background. 
4. Click on this window with the left mouse button.
5. Press the combination of keys Shift + A (or click the field with the text with the right mouse button and choose Highlight All → Copy and then pass to the point 8).
6. The logs will be highlighted in black.
7. Press the combination of keys Ctrl + C.
8. Open the Word program or Notepad.
9. Press the combination of keys Ctrl + V (or open the Edit menu and choose Paste).
10. Check that the inserted text begins with the word Log and ends with the text typed in English in capital letters.
11. Save the document.
12. Send it to us as an attachment to the message (Attach → find the document with the saved log files and click on it).
Please, also attach to logs file screenshot of the error and the detailed description of the problem: your activities in the game, moment when the game froze and the moment when logs were taken.

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