World Map and Campaigns

How to begin a battle?
Tap one of the available icons on the World Map, choose the difficulty and prepare to the fight. You can replay any available level as many times as you want. Improve your results and gain more experience by replaying older levels.

How to advance in a campaign?
In order to move further in the story line you should complete new levels at least on easy difficulty.

What are the Chaos/Order icons at the bottom of the screen?
Order and Chaos are opposing sides in the game. They have their own units, buildings and special features. You can complete campaigns for both of them.

How can I unlock Chaos?
You can unlock Chaos by gathering stars or by using diamonds.

What is the purpose of the missions?
All missions are optional. You can win a battle without completing any of them. Hovewer, for each newly completed mission you earn stars and diamonds.

Why do I need stars? How do I get them?
Stars show your progress in the game. By gathering them you unlock spells and items. You can earn stars by completing missions.
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