I forgot my password to GI Center. Is there a way to restore it?

To reset your old password and set a new one, please follow the procedure:
1. Open GI Center in the game → choose the Profile tab in the left side menu → press Sign in. 
2. Use the "Do you already have an account?" option and then the "Forgot your password?" one.
3. Enter your e-mail used for registration in GI Center and employ the Reset password option. Please, don't close the notification window you see after! 
4. Open your mail-box and find the message with the reset code. 
5. Return to GI Center page where you have left it. You will see two fields: the first is for Reset Code (that you have received in e-mail) and the second one - for a New Password you should create. Fill in both fields and remember the new password. 
6. Open GI Center once again, enter your e-mail and the new password to sign in.
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