How can I add friends?

There are several ways to add friends in the game. First you should tap Friends icon (icon with the shields at the top of the screen) to open the sociality window. Then open Invites tab. Here you can:
1. Add a certain friend. Ask your friends for their nicknames, input them in the field and tap Invite. Note, that your Google account is used as your in-game nickname.
2. Add your Facebook friends. Tap the Facebook icon to do that.
3. Send invitations to random players and wait until they accept your invitation. Note that you can send 5 invitations per 8 hours or refresh players list immediately for 10 diamonds. Tap the Friends button to see your friend list and players who haven't accepted your invitation yet. You can always remind somebody about your request. Tap the icon with the Castle in the pending list to visit player's kingdom, tap Send gift and then Remind.
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