Where can I get the Pavilion, and how does it work?

You can get the Pavilion in the in-game Shop in the tab with the three exclamation marks.
When you press a constructed Pavilion, you will see a list of goods that can be sold at the present moment in the information window. You can update the list by selling these goods or manually - for free when refreshing of one unit will take 30 minutes or for one piaster that will speed up the procedure. 
Goods for sale are produced in the buildings from the Shop labeled with an exclamation mark of a blue color. To make goods, place such a construction on your map (if you don't have any on your island), press it, and you will see the Perform task option near the Improvement button in the left part of the window with the infomation about the object.  
Some goods are made for in-game money, and the more expensive ones require goods that can be made in regular buildings. For example, you should spent several thousands of in-game dollars to produce an exotic flower, and to make a floral necklace, you will need five flowers.
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