What is the boss window and how do I use it?

Now fighting bosses is even more convenient, for there the special boss battle window has appeared!
When you are in the yard, the special icon entitled "Bosses" appears on the left. As you tap it, you will see all the bosses you have in your manor. If a boss is not available to you due to your level being too low, its image will look like a silhouette. If the image is black and white, it means that the boss is available to you, but you have not collected enough items to start a fight. The colored images of bosses mean that you can start a battle with them (or that the boss is already defeated and you can explore his room now). If you tap an image of a boss, you will be prompted on what you should do to get to the next stage. You can also join battles in a really convenient way now.
If you tap a colored icon of a boss, in the pop up window you'll see all the fights you can currently join, and also you will be able to switch between the fights of All Players or only Friends. The number of current fights is shown with a small circled number in the corner of the bosses depiction. In case you start your own fight and do not want uninvited players to enter it, you can restrict the access to the battle by ticking "By invitation only" in the fight window.
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