The application keeps crashing on my iPad 1!

As the game is constantly being updated and supplemented with new content, its performance on older generation devices may be not as smooth as we would like it to be, and some issues may occur, predominantly crashes. We are certainly doing our best to make the game run flawlessly on all devices, but to keep the game full of content and new features we use all the opportunities newer generation devices have to offer, so most our games are better suited for later iPad models.
We advise you to take the following actions:
- clear your cache and cookies;
- delete applications you no longer use;
- close out all other programs running in the background via the multitask bar before launching the game;
- reboot your device regularly.
We cannot guarantee that the measures suggested will help you avoid any issues completely, but we hope that at the very least they will make some aspects of the game performance run more smoothly.
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