Why is it necessary to improve the Mood? How can I do that?

The higher your Mood is, the more flower pots and decorations you can buy. There are several ways to raise your Mood:
1. Compose bouquets and send them to your friends. You earn Mood points for each bouquet you send.
2. Receive a bouquet from one of your friends.
3. Grow glowers in special pots: you earn Mood points for each flower you grow in such a pot. You can purchase special pots in the Shop.
4. Buy special statuettes and put them on your sill: they will give you Mood points in regular intervals.
5. Flowers can also raise your Mood if you don’t cut them right away and give them some time to bloom. Tap a flower, choose the Bloom option from the options menu below, sprinkle a flower with Nectar to help it to bloom and get some Mood points.

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