What does the Barrel Brewery do, and what are Barrels?

The Barrel Brewery is where you order Barrels filled with various sorts of magical substances. Build the Barrel Brewery to access powerful buffs which you can use in battle. When you engage the enemy, drag a barrel from the attack bar and drop it next to your units. Barrel buffs don't deal direct damage to the enemy; instead, they greatly empower your troops. There's an arsenal of amazing barrels at your disposal and many more are coming up soon!

The Healing Barrel creates an aura that heals your units, keeping them alive longer. Upgraded Healing Barrels allow your units to hold position under enemy fire while taking minimal damage.

The Fog Barrel creates a dense fog screen that hides your units from enemy troops and defenses.

The Enrage Barrel greatly increases your troop's stamina and power making them extremely difficult to deal with for a few brief moments.

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