How can I make friends in the game and communicate with them?

After you reach level 4, you can interact with other Mysterior players. All you need to do is the following: tap on the Friends button in the bottom menu, choose your avatar and enter the name other players will know you under. After that you will be redirected to the main Friends screen, where you can see how many friends you have in the game. From this screen you can switch between the interaction screens.
The first of them is the screen where you can invite friends. Here you can choose the way you want to invite your friends to the game. You currently have three options:
1. Use your friend’s code. You can also find your own code here and share it with your friends via Facebook (the button with Facebook logo) or Twitter (the button with Twitter logo).
2. Use a list of three random players. You can send an invitation to become friends to the people you don’t know. Do not hesitate - after all, you already have something in common: the love of adventures and eagerness to help! The list of random friends is renewed once a day. But you can renew it any time you want by tapping on the Renew button and paying 5 crystals.
3. Invite friends via Facebook. You can see friends you have on Facebook who linked their accounts to the game. Please, note that you will need to wait a little (about 10 minutes) to see your Facebook friends after you link your account to the game. You can use this time to explore a couple of rooms and solve some mysteries.
All invitations you have sent and invitations that have been sent to you are displayed in your invitations. To open this screen, you just need to tap on the button in the top right corner of the invitations screen. It has two columns:
1. In the left part of the screen you can see invitations that have been sent to you. You can either accept them or decline.
2. In the right column there are invitations that you have sent with the exact time and date indicated.
You can’t have too many friends, so don’t hesitate to invite other players to become your friends. Every time you reach a certain number of friends, you will receive an incredible chest full of useful items. You can always see how many friends you have on the main Friends screen. The number is indicated right above the marathon.
You also have access to the Gift of energy screen. Here you can both send energy and receive it. The higher your level is - the more energy you can send to your friends. Please, note that you can’t send energy to more than 20 players a day. You have an opportunity to send energy to certain players or to the first 20 people in the list - the choice is yours. The amount of energy your friends can send to you is also limited, and the amount of it you can receive once a day is not more that 50 units. There is no need to take it all at once, and you can get it piece by piece. Note that the potion you get cannot be greater than the amount you are missing till your maximum energy limit.
Soon you will also be able to send your friends collectible items or even the whole collections as a gift. Help each other, and you will complete the most incredible collections!

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