What are anomalies? What are their types? What tools can I use to get rid of them or summon them?

During your adventures you will encounter anomalies - dangerous entities that change all the modes on a location they appear in to their own mode. You will need more energy to explore places with anomalies and you will have less time to do it. Various effects will make it more difficult for you to find required items. The anomalies types are the following:
1. Rift is a strange natural disturbance tearing off the fabric of our world and pulling in the space between dimensions colors and letters. You will have limited time to explore a place, and the image on the screen will be gradually fading, and the letters in the name will be vanishing.
Monochrome is an aftereffect of the Rift. All colors except black and white disappear from the image, and you will have to look for the required item in these difficult conditions.
2. White smoke is an unexplained phenomenon. It appears out of nowhere and overcasts with smoke all places to explore. In order to find items, you will have to disperse smoke with your fingers trying to keep within the allotted time.
Absorption is an aftereffect of the White Smoke. The words on the search bar become overcast with white smoke. Every time you find an item, one word is cleared, but then the white smoke continues to crawl again. If you allow it to cloud the search bar entirely, you will fail.
3. Ice Crystal is an unexplained entity that looks like flying crystals. But don’t let their beauty fool you: they are very dangerous! If you explore a place in the Ice Crystal mode, the screen of your device will be covered with frost obscuring the view. You will have to warm the screen with your fingers to find the required items.
Thaw is an aftereffect of the Ice Crystal. The screen is covered with a gray coating and running drops. If you want to see and find something, you will have to wipe the coating with your fingers. But hurry: your time is limited, and the coating will be back in some time.
There are two ways to get rid of anomalies:
1. Explore any place on a location in its mode. After that an anomaly will disappear leaving an aftereffect - a unique mode different for each anomaly. It will also make your search for items more complicated. An aftereffect appears only in the place you have explored in the anomaly mode. Note that you can’t change aftereffects and anomaly modes using the Dice of Fortune tool.
2. You can get rid of an anomaly using a special item unique for each anomaly. You can either find this item or get as a reward or buy.
You can get rid of any anomaly to avoid its mode and aftereffect. You will have special tools for that, like:
1. Stapler - removes the Rift anomaly.
2. White Smoke Extinguisher - removes the White Smoke anomaly.
3. Burning Poi - removes the Ice Crystal anomaly.
To find these items, you need to get rid of anomalies while exploring different places. You can also purchase them in the in-game Store.
There are also items that summon the anomalies. They will help you in case you need one or another anomaly or its aftereffect to complete a task. These items are:
1. Rift generator - summons the Rift anomaly.
2. Flask of White Smoke - summons the White Smoke anomaly.
3. Cold Generator - summons the Ice Crystal anomaly.

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