What are puzzles? What tools can I use while solving them?

Mysterior offers you dozens of various and exciting mini-games called puzzles. There are two types of them: Mysterior puzzles and puzzles you encounter during the game-play.
Puzzles in Mysteriors are similar to exploring places: they also have mastery levels that increase as you progress through the game, which accordingly increases the tasks’ complexity and rewards for completing them. You can play mini-games at any moment you want if, of course, you have already unlocked the necessary Mysterior.  
Puzzles in Mysterior just like exploring modes replace each other in random order. You can change them using the Dice of Fortune tool. Please note, that a puzzle will be chosen randomly.
In order to enter each Mysterior, you will need special badge that you can either find while exploring places or purchase in the in-game Store.
You will be able to use special tools to solve puzzles just like while exploring places. You won’t have them in every puzzle but you should definitely use them if you can. This way it would be much easier to win. The Puzzle tools are the following:
1. Analyzer - automatically makes the right move.
2. Structuralizer - grants you an instant win.
3. Time Snail - stops the timer for 30 seconds.
4. Clean Slate - resets the puzzle allowing you to start over without wasting resources.

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